To provide comprehensive diagnostic services of cancer to the people living in both rural and urban areas

Features of the Programme

  • Early detection of cancer leads up to 80% chance of cure

  • Providing comprehensive diagnostic services at affordable price - Mammography, Pap Smear and PET CT

  • Addresses the issues of accessibility, affordability, health seeking behaviour

  • Free Detection Camps for under privileged community

  • More than 25000 people screened in Cancer Detection Camps.

Early Detection Saves Lives

OutCancer is very eager to work in collaboration with Noida RWA’s. With the help of you we will be organizing cancer detection and education camps in RWA’s of Noida. The whole and sole aim of these camps would be providing awareness and education about cancer to the residents of Noida. We have a team of specialized doctors and nurses and a mobile cancer detection van provided to us by SBI.

Objectives of Mobile Cancer Detection Camp

  • Creating awareness among the people about cancer and importance of cancer detection at an early stage.

  • Early Diagnosis of Cancer, since cancer can be cured if diagnosed and treated at an early stage.

  • Providing a complete comprehensive cancer check up service at a very nominal cost to poor and middle class people.

  • Informing Clients about Cancer Insurance Policy and helping them to avail the benefits of the policy at a very nominal cost.

Examination/Tests done at the Mobile Cancer Detection Camp

  • Chest X-ray

  • Routine Blood test of Hemoglobin and White Blood Cells.

  • Complete ENT Examination including Indirect Laryngoscopy by the ENT surgeon.

  • Complete Physical Check-up along with Prostate Examination by a surgeon (for Men).

  • Gynaecological Examination including Breast check-up and Pap smear by a Gynaecologist (for Women).